1. 7-15-18 (Prod. By Devine) 151BPM Devine Buy 3:03
  2. Hip Hop Life Type Beat (Prod. By Devine) 90BPM Devine Buy 3:19
  3. Suppossed to Be 2 (Prod. By Devine) 110BPM Devine Buy 3:21
  4. New Funks (Prod. By Devine) 185BPM Devine Buy 3:34
  5. Only One You Came To See (Prod. By Devine) 161BPM Devine Buy 3:01
  6. May The Best (Prod. by Devine) 120BPM Devine Buy 3:21
  7. It's More Than Me (Prod. By Devine) 108BPM Devine Buy 3:47
  8. First April Night (Prod By Devine) 147BPM Devine Buy 4:12
  9. Hummingbirds (Prod. By Devine) 154BPM Devine Buy 2:42
  10. That Boom an' Pap (Prod. By Devine) 86BPM Devine Buy 3:13
  11. Classic Asian (Prod. By Devine) 90BPM Devine Buy 3:07
  12. New Boom Bap-ish (Prod. By Devine) 89BPM Buy 3:47
  13. Ab Leads (Prod. By Devine) 95BPM Devine Buy 3:25
  14. Shawty Ye (Prod. By Devine) 108BPM Devine Buy 3:16
  15. Jive (Prod. By Devine) 96BPM Devine Buy 3:13
  16. Alone With Chords (Prod. By Devine) 115BPM Devine Buy 3:04
  17. The Dreams (Prod. By Devine) 120BPM Devine Buy 3:36
  18. A New Begining (Prod. By Devine) 147BPM Devine Buy 3:18
  19. Carosine (Prod. By Devine) 105BPM Devine Buy 3:49
  20. About That Time (Prod. By Devine) 130BPM Devine Buy 2:50
  21. Ether Trap (Prod. By Devine) 73BPM Devine Buy 4:01
  22. December Stars (Prod. By Devine) 127BPM Devine Buy 3:17
  23. Smooth Works (Prod. By Devine) 90BPM Devine Buy 4:16
  24. A Quick Eight (Prod. By Devine) 175BPM Devine Buy 2:45
  25. On Lean (Prod. By Devine) 107BPM Devine Buy 3:44
  26. For Two (Prod. By Devine) 125BPM Buy 3:08
  27. Damned Choir (Prod. By Devine) 76BPM Buy 3:00
  28. Honey (Prod. By Devine) 80BPM Buy 3:48
  29. Fo da Wait (Prod. By Devine) 100BPM Buy 2:53
  30. Chilling Koto (Prod. By Devine) 85BPM Buy 4:33
  31. Inspirational (Prod. By Devine) 97BPM Devine Buy 3:38
  32. Evermore (Prod. By Devine) 84BPM Buy 4:00
  33. Blazing Beat (Prod. By Devine) 75BPM Devine Buy 3:26
  34. For Sure (Prod. By Devine) 110BPM Buy 3:16
  35. Icy Nights (Prod. By Devine) 120BPM Devine Buy 3:44
  36. On Da Shelf (Prod. By Devine) 88BPM Buy 3:22
  37. For The Win (Prod. By Devine) 94BPM Buy 3:17
  38. Got That Sample (Prod. By Devine) 95BPM Buy 2:42
  39. Kinda Cute Too (Prod. By Devine) 140BPM Devine Buy 2:31
  40. Piece of Cake (Prod. By Devine) 97BPM Buy 3:28
  41. Sanford (Prod. By Devine) 92BPM Devine Buy 3:42
  42. Hunna Kelvin (Prod. By Devine) 100BPM Buy 3:02
  43. Hyper Inspirational (Prod. By Devine) 95BPM Buy 2:44
  44. iChills (Prod. By Devine) 94BPM Buy 3:17
  45. In Progress (Prod. By Devine) 95BPM Buy 3:25
  46. It's Day One (Prod. By Devine) 82BPM Devine Buy 2:56
  47. Lay Down (Prod. By Devine) 102BPM Devine Buy 3:37
  48. Make Me Jealous (Prod. By Devine) 122BPM Buy 3:39
  49. My Guy (Prod. By Devine) 136BPM Buy 2:58
  50. Naw Mean (Prod. By Devine) 128BPM Buy 3:15
  51. Never Change (Prod. By Devine) 122BPM Buy 2:57
  52. Nine To Shine (Prod. By Devine) 79BPM Buy 3:15
  53. Too Sick (Prod. By Devine) 125BPM Buy 3:12
  54. Ninteen (Prod. By Devine) 107BPM Buy 3:11
  55. On And On (Prod. By Devine) 137BPM Buy 3:16
  56. On Da Scene (Prod. By Devine) 138BPM Buy 2:54
  57. One Son (Prod. By Devine) 97BPM Buy 3:48
  58. Three Cherries (Prod. By Devine) 115BPM Buy 3:06
  59. Pleasant (Prod. By Devine) 115BPM Buy 2:47
  60. Seventh Heaven (Prod. By Devine) 89BPM Buy 3:57
  61. Six Chix (Prod. By Devine) 86BPM Buy 3:24
  62. Sixteen Baby (Prod. By Devine) 116BPM Buy 3:02
  63. You Know (Prod. By Devine) 136BPM Devine Buy 3:27
  64. Slow Rolls (Prod. By Devine) 80BPM Buy 3:42
  65. So Mean (Prod. By Devine) 120BPM Buy 3:48
  66. Something Good (Prod. By Devine) 100BPM Buy 4:05


  • 1 Year term Non-Exclusive
  • Untagged MP3 (320kbps)
  • Distribute up to 5,000 Copies
  • Radio + Streaming
  • Must Credit “Produced By Devine”
  • $30

WAV + WAV Stems Lease

  • 1 Year term Non-Exclusve
  • Untagged WAV or WAV Stems
  • Distribute up to 5,000 copies
  • Radio + Steaming
  • Must Credit “Produced by Devine”
  • Wav only $50
  • Wav + Stem $100

Exclusive Rights

Purchase exclusive rights to custom made instrumentals in order to be granted sole ownership and unlimited sales. Contact Devine@devinebeats.net for more information. WAV, WAV Stems, MP3 will be delivered in accordance with agreed upon conditions.

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